Let's get acquainted!

Hi there!

My name is Anastasiia, I am illustrator and artist, I adore dogs (especially pugs), believe in goodness, equality and inner magic in every person. Until now I don't know what I started to do first: walk or draw. I have eight years of artistic education behind my back, but I began to be interested in illustration somewhat later than the painting in general. I love to work in both: digital and traditional way. Favourite materials are pencils and gouache. When I'm not creating something, I can be found wondering in other worlds with the help of a wonderful book, enjoying nature or dreaming up of strange stories. By nature I am very curious and diligent, so I do everything careful and with the soul.

Here, on my website, you can find some of my works that I like most of all. I am interested in everything connected with book illustrations (for young adult audience and children) and I am open for cooperation and interesting suggestions. So if you aim to offer me a great project, write me more detailed here: alicebukhovski@gmail.com

To get a little closer to me, take a look at Chуtomo that so kindly invited me to give them a small interview. Go to the link: http://www.chytomo.com/magichni-lisovi-istoty-iel-buhovski/